It’s all we hear anymore: Mobile Mobile Mobile

Mobile devices are now taking over the internet. In 2017, mobile devices were responsible for more than 52% of total global internet traffic, and it’s growing at a rapid pace. By 2020, according to Ericsson, the global smartphone user base is expected to reach 6.1 billion.

Is your website ready for the mobile future?

Making your website mobile-friendly is no longer optional. In fact, Google now uses the mobile-friendliness of a website as a ranking signal and pretty much punishes websites that are not optimized for mobile smartphones and tablets. Google’s mobile-first indexing announcement is big. It will essentially change the way that we optimize and create content in the coming years. I talk to many companies that have no idea what there site looks like on a mobile phone, or if they have a mobile friendly site, its an afterthought. This makes it hard for a customer to get what they need from your site.

Google making a clear stand on things is actually a rare thing… they’re trying to make sure that people get its significance. Finally, after realizing that mobile users really wanted mobile experiences that were content-rich, we arrived at responsive design, where a single site is designed to adapt to different devices. This approach delivers all the website’s content to all of its users, in layouts that are appropriate for whichever device they’re using at the time. But is this good enough ? Not really .

The problem is that many mobile experiences are still not there, and instead are merely mobile-friendly, as opposed to mobile-first. So whats the deal ? Think of mobile-friendly design as the bare minimum required in this day and age. The site functions on mobile, even if in reality it might essentially be a reorganized version an experience that was conceived of for desktop. Now think of mobile-first as a step beyond that bare minimum of usability — a site that is thoroughly mobile from its inception. Anything that is mobile-first is necessarily mobile-friendly, since it was designed specifically with the consideration of mobile audience first!

The question now is .. Are you ready for Mobile first?

SEJ has a great Article to help you find out if your site is ready for the mobile fist indexing.

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