IP targeting is superior to geo-targeting because it allows you to target your advertising to specific households and businesses.

So – you might be wondering “What is IP targeting?” IP targeting allows give the advertiser the ability to show ads to specific addresses, office buildings, and even suite numbers! Imagine – Instead of throwing something at the wall – now you are targeting a specific target. Basically you’re only showing your ads to those exact addresses where your target audience is. This form of advertising is 50 to 100 times more targeted than traditional media. True one to one marketing.

Instead of grouping people based on demographics and behavior (Audience Segmentation) IP targeting is more refined and personalized, which leads to higher ROI. That sounds great right?

Here is how it works:

You provide the names, addresses, and zip codes of the people or businesses you would like to advertise to. This can be your list of previous customers, lost customers, potential new clients, your direct mail list and more. These addresses are then run through an IP Mapping System (it matches IP addresses with a physical address).

Once the two addresses are matched – then you can start serving ads to those people (display or video banner ads )

Millions of homes and businesses have been opened up to marketers in a way that allows personalized advertisements to be delivered through display advertising and email marketing.

How can it be used?

You’ve already done the research, built a list of contacts, sent out mailers, purchased your booth at a trade show; so why not supercharge their effectiveness with IP targeting?

If you are doing a direct mail piece – this is a great way to target those same people online. Here are some other great ideas:

  • Politicians can show ads to previous donors.
  • Colleges and Universities can show ads to high schools
  • Banks can advertise in real estate offices
  • Combine IP Targeting with email campaigns
  • Show your ads inside of convention centers during seminars and trade shows
  • Boost your direct mail campaign with IP targeting

Combining IP Targeting with direct mail will deliver a powerful one-two punch. Advertising to the same people in the digital realm and in the physical world will help be seen and recognized, get more quality leads, and closing more of those leads. IP Targeting should be a part of every direct mail campaign. IP targeting offers numerous advantages to businesses. It can be done at a fraction of the cost of print, radio, or television advertising. Reduce the amount of wasted money related to poorly targeted ad campaigns. You can create more personalized ads to entice your audience.

Best part is you can measure the ROI and use Google Analytics to see exactly how your campaign is doing by looking at the engagement rates, allowing you to make adjustments to it as you need to.

To find out more about how IP targeting can help your business, contact us today!