Choosing a digital marketing agency to partner with is a lot like like dating, marriage, buying a car, or even finding a needle in a haystack. Before you start seeking a marketing agency to work with, there are a few considerations you should make.

  • Service Needs: Marketing services can range from advertising, PR, design, media and more so you need to identify the specific needs that your team has in order to narrow your scope and find partners that specialize in the areas you need the most help with.
  • Expertise Needs: Identify areas of expertise that your team doesn’t have, but would greatly benefit from. An agency with a wide variety of marketing expertise can help your team look at things from a new perspective and maybe even shed light on an approach you haven’t thought of before.
  • Daily Logistics: Having a clear picture of how you expect to work with an agency on a daily, weekly and monthly basis will help set expectations for both sides as they come together to essentially form one collaborative team.
  • Vision for Success: Have a general idea of what you would like this newly expanded team to accomplish. Determine what success should look like and when it should be achieved, and how is it being measured?

Here is a list of internal questions to ask yourself

  • What are your main service needs?
  • In what areas do you need the most assistance? Do you find that 1 task takes up too much time?
  • What areas of expertise is your team lacking or wanting more of?
  • What would you like to learn from the agency you work with or do you want them to handle every marketing detail?
  • What strengths does your internal team have that agencies could leverage- for example do you have a graphic artist or someone who is good at creating content?
  • Who will the point of contact(s) be between your organization and the agency?
  • Who will you want to have approve deliverables?
  • What is your vision for success? How are you looking to measure success?

Questions to Ask Potential Agencies:

  • What marketing services do they provide?
  • What is their area of expertise?
  • What are some of the recent results that they have they achieved for their clients?
  • Can they Share examples of successes?
  • What are their clients saying about their service, success, expertise, etc.?
    What vision do they have for your organization?
  • Is their vision for your organization aligned with yours?
  • What tools and resources will they use to achieve the results that you are looking for ?
  • What is their client retention rate?
  • What other criteria should organizations look for when choosing a marketing agency?
  • What questions would you like the answers to before partnering?

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