Is it a news article? Advertising? Both?

Sponsored content is all about you. It’s your message, the way you want portrayed in a forum that suits your marketing goals.

Perfect, right? Absolutely. But it will cost you.

Sponsored content is paid content by a business that looks – and reads – like any other editorial content. Only, the brand has paid for it, crafted the message and picked out the right display venue. The goal here is to provide context, information and entertainment – all while promoting the business in a positive light. It’s your brand so YOU control the message. This practice is sometimes referred to as native advertising – where the paid content appears to match thee forum in which it is displayed. 

Do it Right

If sponsored content is done correctly, it should read like any other editorial content.  For this reason, sponsored content has developed a bad reputation with some people who feel as if they’ve been tricked into reading an article that’s been paid for by a brand. However, it’s important to note that sponsored content isn’t a native advertisement. It tells a story on behalf of a brand, instead of directly pushing a product.

Now is the ideal time to push your own message. With more users migrating to social media platforms, adblocker usage exploding online and various forms of print media experiencing decline, now is the ideal time to utilize sponsored content as a way to expand brand awareness, create positive messaging and reach new audiences.

Recently, Big Surf Media did a sponsored content piece for a local jazz festival. Instead of highlighting the various music acts, the piece focused on the not-for-profit arm of the event. The goal: to engender goodwill in the community and talk about a program that is greatly – and positively – impacting local youth. This type of branded content builds trust with the consumer, since it doesn’t try and aggressively “sell” the brand. It appears in the potential customers news feed in an organic fashion. Never pushy, but always on message.

Is sponsored content right for your business?

For the majority of businesses, the answer is yes. It not only helps to establish brand, but serves a big role in helping your organization’s search visibility. This type of content doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of an article. Branded, or sponsored, content can take any shape that best suits your brand’s vision:

  • Video
  • Audio/Podcast
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Articles + MORE!

The type of content you choose depends on your audience, so knowing who you are trying to reach is key. Our relationship with South Jersey’s largest media company, The Press of Atlantic City Media Group, gives us the ability to reach the most potential customers in the area. From branded articles to videos that pop, we’ve got content that will set your business apart. We can write articles for you, produce videos and podcasts or design digital quizzes and infographics that entertain and inform.

For more information on sponsored and branded content, please reach out to us here at Big Surf Media and schedule a free consultation.